The Greatest Gift

Sunrise walks with our dogs

My birthday is Thursday. My gift to myself this year is the precious present.

Almost every day for the past two weeks Wyatt and I both have found ourselves asking each other what day of the week it is because we’ve both completely lost interest keeping track. It is a pretty incredible, sometimes an uncomfortable feeling. You wake up each morning with no pre-determined outlook on the day, such as: “Ugh, Monday.. Tuesday is the worst.. OMG we made it to Wednesday.. Thursday is here – almost the weekend!” You get my vibe.

For us, the sun rises and we focus on our work and our relationship, and then the sun begins to set and we  begin to settle and slow down. We do keep a daily schedule, just because we realize we have obligations and goals to accomplish. However, we have both tried to eliminate labels from our days. I especially tend to reflect and plan A LOT… always distracting my mind from our most important gift, the present. I’ve found that when I see days as “good” and “bad,” I live in either the past or the future. I am sure you fall into this mindset sometimes too. It may look like this:

You get home from work and think “today was not great, but tomorrow will be a better day.” Stop right there please. What did you just miss? Whatever is staring you right in the face (your present). It could be your kids (or dogs in my case) welcoming you home, your loved one approaching you for big smooch, or even maybe your neighbor waving to you as you pull into the driveway. Because we are so focused on the past and the future (one of which has already happened, therefore you cannot change it. And the other is not even guaranteed), we lose our present. And the present is called just that because it is the most precious gift. Ever.

In my opinion, we live so much by the past and for the future because we often avoid  our own mortality. If more of us accepted the fact that one day your life will be over (because it will unless you’ve found the fountain of youth), I firmly believe we would all do exactly what we wanted with every 24 hours we are given. We would care less about labels, about definitions, and about expectations. We would follow our instinct more and follow trends less. And because I personally think that humans are innately good, I think we would do more good for each other because we are focused on being our best selves.

The average life expectancy in the United States is 78.74 years. That means I hopefully have 53 more summers left on Earth. I’ve got a lot I want to accomplish. And by no means do I intend on setting 5-10 year plans. Each plan is now. Each goal I set I will accomplish now. And then I will hopefully be given the gift of present time to move on to the next one.

When you feel guilty over your imperfect past, or you are anxious over your unknown future, you do not live in the present. You experience pain.

Your past was the present. And your future will be the present. The present moment is the only reality you ever experience.

As long as you continue to stay in the present, you are happy forever, because forever is always the present.

Life is a precious gift.

Peace and Palm Trees